Static Web Designs

A static web design simply defines a web page wherein the same information is available to all the users at all times. It is actually a flat or non moving web page which is simple in design, cost effective and easy to use.

Our static web design company comes with a highly efficient as well as trained team of experts who are well trained in their respective fields. With their joint efforts we can guarantee to reach your website goals as per your wishes. A static web page design is the simplest form of introducing your product in the online world.

Our static web design company

At Xpecto, we believe in creating a protective niche around your product and generating enough hype with the aid of our cost effective unique static web designs. We present you the perfect way to advertise your business online!

There would be many people who would ask you to simply jump the band wagon of dynamic websites and its wide array of visual delight. But we would suggest simply to go by your product’s needs. If your business doesn’t require the use of daily updates and high contents of information to be downloaded from various points in the website, then static web design is the best layout option for you. We also leave a fair margin for a good SEO job that can be fitted into our web design.

Why we are best for your business?

Our team of professionals would award you with the most affordable static web page design with no hassles involved. Reason behind this is that a static website unlike a dynamic website doesn’t require any complex coding. HTML scripting is enough to kick start your online promotion.


  • Real business value for your investments.

  • Reduction in costs incurred over our services.

  • Achieving best possible solutions for your business needs and reaching set goals.

  • Round Clock Support.

  • Website maintenance- a regular web maintenance service that covers the issues and new updates if needed.

  • Customized website design- unique web page layout as per the needs of our customers.

  • E commerce web design- an easier navigation is the key for a successful e commerce website and we know that.

  • Outsourced website design- less management issues, less hassles and more benefits.

  • Updates with latest market trend using Analytics.

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